The success of our mission is dependent on using statistical methodology to:
  • develop appropriate statistical designs
  • write statistical sections for protocols
  • analyze data
  • create professional tables and graphics to support statistical results

Secic Statistical Consulting, Inc. (SSC) was founded in 1999 by Michelle Secic, MS who also co-authored the book “How To Report Statistics In Medicine”.  SSC is an independent statistical consulting company specializing in pharmaceutical and medical device research. We work with companies and CRO’s on all statistical aspects of their research.   Although we specialize in the medical field, we are also diverse in that we expanded into market research, sports analyses, etc. We also follow all guidelines pertaining to GCP and the FDA.  Even if you already have statistical support, there may be a time when you are in a crunch and need additional assistance.  We can receive your data, analyze your data and interpret the results from the statistical analyses.  We will then summarize these results in high quality tables and graphics to suit you and your customers’ needs. Call us we can help! P.O. Box 745 Phone: 440-285-0735 Chardon, Ohio 44024
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